Journalisten unter Feuer – Gazakrieg 2009

29 January:

With virtually all foreign journalists barred [gehindert] from entering Gaza by the Israeli authorities during the three-week long conflict [ Gaza-Krieg / Operation Gegossenes Blei / Cast Lead ] that began on 27 December, the story of the unprecedented scale of the Israeli military offensive there was told mostly through the pictures and film footage taken by local Palestinian journalists.

“Pictures don’t lie; they show the reality. The world seems to find it difficult to believe what Palestinians say or write about what happens to them but perhaps they may believe it if they see it,” a local cameraman told me.

Four Palestinian journalists were killed and several others were injured during the three-week conflict.

Basel Ibrahim Faraj, a cameraman for Algerian TV, was fatally wounded when he was near a building in Gaza City which Israeli forces attacked on 27 December, the first day of air bombardment, and died a week later.

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