Was für ein Paar: Angela Merkel und Walid Jumblatt

Just came across an old X-mas entry on the unfortunately no longer maintained lebanese blog Anecdotes from a Banana Republic (Beirut) and almost pissed myself laughing:

Merry Christmas.

I mean that in the purest secular sense of eat, drink and be merry.

Let’s hope the next year brings prosperity to Virgin Megastore at Martyrs’ Square, and all will be well.

Thank you for having me in 2oo6.

It goes without saying that I prefer living in your country to mine, despite all the cruel things I say about your flags and leadership.

Anyone prefer Angela Merkel over Walid Jumblatt?

What a scary couple they would make.

A hairdresser’s nightmare, to say the least.

Walid Jumblatt
Walid Dschumblad

Thanks EDB, whoever you are!

— Schlesinger

Photo: PrimeministerGR (Flickr CC Lizenz)

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