Trump ist nicht Hitler.

Noch nicht.

Aber durch den Wahlsieg von Donald Trump wurde der westlichen Welt vor Augen geführt, wie früher in Deutschland jemand wie Adolf Hitler an die Macht kam; das meint zurecht Chemi Chalev von der Haaretz, denn die Ähnlichkeit beider Agitatoren in ihren zentralen Themen  ist verblüffend:

Viewed through the lenses of the current presidential campaign, historical descriptions of Hitler’s appeal to the German masses suddenly seem hauntingly familiar.

Take, for example, Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw’s description of the recurring themes in Hitler’s speeches:

“The contrast of Germany’s strength in a glorious past with its current weakness and national humiliation – a sick state in the hands of traitors and cowards who had betrayed the Fatherland to its powerful enemies and behind them, the Jews…a cheating and corrupt government and party system presiding over economic misery, social division, political conflict and ethical collapse.”

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