John McCain deserves no more respect

John Smear McCain.

McCain became a liar, a smear-campaigner, a man of doublespeak.

Shame on him.

Es spricht Bände, wenn selbst eine Nachrichtenagentur wie AP von neutraler Berichterstattung abweicht und sich darüber empört, dass McCain den Bogen weit überspannt:

“The Straight Talk Express has detoured into doublespeak.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain, a self-proclaimed tell-it-like-it-is maverick, keeps saying his running mate, Sarah Palin, killed the federally funded Bridge to Nowhere when, in fact, she pulled her support only after the project became a political embarrassment.

He accuses Democrat Barack Obama of calling Palin a pig, which did not happen.

He says Obama would raise nearly everyone’s taxes, when independent groups say 80 percent of families would get tax cuts instead.

Even in a political culture accustomed to truth-stretching, McCain’s skirting of facts has stood out this week.”

McCain will der Wandel zu Bush sein? Er versucht inzwischen nur noch, die ekelhaftesten Seiten von Bush, Cheney und Rove zu übernehmen. Noch mit Erfolg. Bravo!

— Bigdaddy

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