Waterboarding against the enemies?

President Bush said there is not such a thing as torture in the USA.

But he willingly accepts “special interrogation” methods like waterboarding.

Such methods aim against the very foes of America, he says, against the new threat of

Thing is: waterboarding is torture.

It is legally so,
ethically so
and practically so.

Torture gets people to talk,
torture gets people to plead,
torture gets people to break,
but torture does not get them to tell the truth.

Who is the real enemy?

Ignorance is the enemy.
Disinformation is the enemy.

Making up reasons to attack an country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11, those
are the actions of the enemy.

I am fed up with sad sack, grown up little boys playing army with real soldiers lives.

I am fed up with being lied to, with having my legitimate anger and fear after 9/11 being twisted into the deaths, not of the people that attacked us, but of innocent women and children.

And I will no longer accept from a group of chicken shit typists the continuous accusations that I don’t love America as much as they do.

Bullshit. I love America so much I actually served in the Military.

I love America so much I cry when I think of all of the deaths that are directly attributable to our insane occupation of a country that NEVER attacked us.

I love America so much I believe in all that stuff so many seem to want to throw away. Our honor, our reputaion, our standing in the World as a human rights leader.

Life isn’t like “24”. And Kiefer Sutherland is a lovable drunk, not a Master Cell Phone CIA Badass.

There will NEVER be a situation where torture is going to be the quickest route to extract information. Any information has to vetted, translated, vetted again, checked out…translated again… time consuming at best, a circle jerk most of the time.

The only reason to torture a person is to get them to say what you want them to say.

It worked during the Inquisition, it worked during the Salem Witch trials, it worked for Pol Pot, and it seems to be working for George Bush.

The people that say torture is okay have this belief in America’s inate superiority. What makes us superior? Because before Iraq, I would have said that our treatment of every human being as such set us apart. Our standards, our
honor… we don’t have it anymore.

The men in Washington having young men and women beat on others, and then calling them monsters when they are caught, that are creating a generation of mentally tortured young men for no other reason than they thought Chuck Norris was KEWL … Motherfuckers every one. Manufactured manhood, that is all they know.

Our Enemy is within, and it is destroying what America stands for.

It makes me so freaking angry to read utter ignorance and tripe shuttled off as fact, and than be called naive or some other patronizing shit for having the goddam sense to know waterboarding is torture. How goddam confusing is that?

Blog from ‘fishboots’, 08.11.07

— Mark

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