One more reason why 2008 matters

Dear Michael,

If there’s ever been a day that shows how important victory in 2008 has become,
it is today.

Despite a broad, bi-partisan effort in Congress, George Bush’s veto of the State
Children’s Health Insurance Program remains in place. This president and his
loyalists in Congress have done the unthinkable, cutting millions of American
kids from the basic health care services they need.

You stood up and fought, the Democrats in Congress stood up and fought, but we
just didn’t have the numbers to overturn the veto.

Everyday Republicans are sick of their party making choices they wouldn’t make
— can you blame them?

While the Republican Party is coming apart, our Party is investing in
infrastructure and grassroots development.

George Bush may be gloating today, but we’re not falling for it. The Republican
Party is alienating more and more Americans who can’t stand its narrowing, cruel

Thank you.

Tom McMahon
Executive Director

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