Tschechische Anti-Gore Front walzt notfalls USA platt

Erst kam der Vaclav Klaus, der neulich auf der UN Klimakonferenz polterte, es gäbe gar keinen Klimawandel, und jetzt kommt der Motl Lubos (Vorname Lubos! Sic!). Lubos kommt auch aus Tschechien. Lubos kennt keinen Spaß. Oder doch: Eine bestimmte Sorte von Spaß eben. Der lässt sich aber nicht leicht imitieren.
Deshalb hier Auszüge im O-Ton:

Gore compares the Earth to a baby that has a fever. It turns out that Wikipedia and all other sources and textbooks are wrong when they say that fever is caused by bacteria and the immune system’s reactions. According to Gore’s new kind of
science, the reason for a fever is that the crib’s on fire and you’re not supposed to speculate about the baby’s ability to resist – just take whatever action Al Gore will tell you to do.

Next time when your child has a fever, you should instantly believe Al Gore that it is because his crib’s is on fire and the first thing you should do is to make sure that your child no longer emits any carbon dioxide. Don’t hesitate, don’t think, and act: wrap plastic bag around the child’s head.

Not even the German chancellor in the 1930s and 1940s – who was no modest person himself – was thinking about the whole planet as about a baby that he is supposed to control.

I wonder whether Klaus and the Czech army are ready to pay its debt we owe to America and liberate it sometime in the future if it becomes necessary. Let’s hope that in this case, words and Word files will be enough. 😉

And that’s the memo.


P.S.: FoxNews deserves to be praised because it dedicates twice as much space to Klaus than to Gore in the context of the hearings. 😉

Tja, Lubos, Du edler Ritter-Sport, Du würdest gerne mit der tschechischen Armee in USA einmarschieren und die Democrats so richtig alle machen. Aber aufgemerkt: Die Amerikaner habens immer noch nicht so dolle mit den Ex-Soffjet-Staaten, von deren Panzern gar nicht zu reden. Nur so als Tipp am Rande. Ansonsten: Mach weiter so! Du bist ein höchst würdiger Vertreter deines Standes!

— Simon

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