Jüdische Siedler-Familie: Vater, Mutter und drei Kinder erstochen

In der Westbank wurde gestern die fünfköpfige jüdische Siedler-Familie Vogel aus der Siedlung Itamar in einem hinterhältigen Mordanschlag von palästinensischen Extremisten im Schlaf getötet:

Säugling Hadas
Säugling Hadas: erstochen
Ruth Vogel: erstochen
Ruth Vogel: erstochen
Rabbi Vogel: erstochen
Rabbi Udi Vogel: erstochen

Politik hin oder her.


Beschämend und verstörend manche Kommentare dazu, zum Beispiel auf der Online-Ausgabe der großen Tageszeitung Yedioth Achronoth (YNet News):


  • May God Avenge Their Blood
  • Find the sick fuck who did this, do the same to HIS wife, children, and parents (who probably encouraged him), and force him to watch by cutting off his eyelids. THEN, shoot him with a bullet dipped in pig blood, wrap his carcass in pigskin, and bury him with pig guts.
  • There has never been a “Palestine.” Arabs are from Arabia! Israel forever!
  • Don’t talk to me about peace. Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t want peace. You people kill babies in their sleep. You stab infants with knives while they’re holding onto their dead mother and father who you just brutally murdered. And you feel no remorse. You don’t condemn the total antithesis of humanity. You celebrate it. You pass out candy and rejoice at the murder and slaughter of innocents, just as you did after the attacks on the twin towers. So don’t come here spinning your lines about the poor palestininians. It’s not like this is the first time this has ever happened. We know who you are. We know what you’re about. We’re hip to your games. Who do you think you’re fooling. You don’t want peace. You could have had peace long ago if that’s what you really wanted. Instead you’ve rejected every offer of peace. You prefer to kill Jews. You want the destruction of Israel and the death of the Jewish people much more than you want peace. Well forget it. You’re not going to get what you want. We’re not going to make it easier for you to kill us. You will have to learn to leave us alone. And until you do, know that that you will live like hunted rats for the rest of your days. [ offenbar ein Kommentator aus den USA]
  • The Nazi Pals kill Jewish children in their sleep and we are supposed to give them land?
  • … und viele mehr

Dieser ur-alte menschliche Makel, nur den Fehler des anderen sehen zu wollen, ist die Gewähr dafür, dass solche Hass-Spiralen sich weiter und weiter drehen.


Die Palästinenser sind die Unterdrückten. Ja.

Zivilisten, gar Kinder oder Babies töten?


Schon immer. Überall.

— Schlesinger

Photos: YNet News (c)

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