Virtuelle Gemeindeversammlung auf Al Gore's TV-Sender Current

Dear Michael,

Current, the media company I co-founded six years ago with my partner
Joel Hyatt, just last week launched a new web site that integrates
television and the Web in an unprecedented way. It provides, as never
before, a platform for citizens to make the media their own.

One of the features I’m most excited about on is called
Viewpoints. Viewpoints is a virtual town hall where you can share your
opinions, in video, about the issues that matter in the 2008 election:
from global warming to government eavesdropping, and many more.

This digital town hall is already bustling, and you can find viewpoints
from me and from a lot of people, including the candidates running for
President. Come and listen to their positions and, more importantly,
tell them and the rest of the world what /you/ think!

Since Viewpoints is the only place on the Web where you can easily share
your view in video, my hope is that you’ll take this opportunity to go
toe-to-toe with the pundits on TV and help contribute to a new platform
for public discourse. All it takes is a webcam and 60 seconds.

And, since we’ll be taking the most popular and most compelling
viewpoints and airing them on Current TV — now available in 52 million
homes around the world — you may very well get your voice heard on our
global TV network.

I look forward to seeing and hearing you on, as we deepen
the discussion on these important topics:

Thank you,

Al Gore

— Schlesinger